Clayton & Associates provides the best in cloud accounting by remotely hosting your company’s accounting records. Our secure servers provide constant full backups of your data and allow you the benefits of 24/7 internet access to your books.

Our Cloud Accounting Software

Using QuickBooks and cloud accounting, Clayton & Associates streamlines your financial process. We analyze your current bookkeeping situation and provide the expertise your company needs by assuring that QuickBooks is set up correctly. We then supervise the QuickBooks training of your accounting personnel.

As a business owner, you can rest assured that your programs will work properly, your records and financial statements are correct, and your staff is accurate and well-trained. In fact, in many cases, you may be able to reduce your accounting costs because you know that the bookkeeping process is overseen for you. With our help, almost any employee can ultimately handle your accounting needs, because we make sure your accounting is up to date and accurate.

Internet Based Access

Because your data is hosted remotely and managed with professional financial software, you are better protected from employees tampering with your records or creating long-term accounting problems, whether inadvertently or otherwise. Your data will also still be secure if you were ever to have hardware or software problems with the computers you typically use for bookkeeping work. Internet based access allows you or your authorized employees to work on your books anywhere, at any time.

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