Clayton & Associates specializes in working with entrepreneurial businesses in every industry, from professionals to consultants to manufacturing to retail.

Our professionals know how to work with entrepreneurs.  We relate to you as business strategists instead of bean-counter accountants. Clayton & Associates have professionals that have been working in the accounting industry for more than 25 years. They have seen the accounting industry change and have been at the fore front of those changes. Clayton & Associates listens to what their clients needs are and creates systems and solutions to fulfill those needs.

With the mindset of being your strategic business partner, Clayton & Associates has perfected a system to makes sure you feel confident about where your business is and where it is going. Not only do you as the business owner feel confident about the accuracy of your company’s financials but you also understand your company’s financial health as well.  By spending only 15 minutes a week you as the business owner can:

  • Understand the day to day financial operations.
  • Know whether the day to day financial operations are on track.
  • Be able to make financial decisions about the company’s operations.
  • Become alerted to any weakness in the business that needs to be strengthened.

Bottom line, you are able to have clarity and confidence that your business will thrive and that you will be able to reach the vision for your business and your life.

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