As a Business Owner…..Do You “KNOW” Your Business is Getting Stronger or Are You Afraid It Will All Come Crashing Down?

Most business owners start a business by the seat of their pants. They have bookkeeping and accounting but usually don’t really understand what it means. In order for you to reach your goals and dreams, you must have much more. You will never be a successful business if you don’t have professional financial information and know what to do with it. This is just a fact.

Without having really good accounting and CFO level information, you cannot know if your business is getting stronger and working according to plan. Even if you are increasing your sales, you do not know. Many businesses grow themselves out of business. The fact is that by the time the you as the business owner realizes there is a problem, it’s too late!

Think About All That “Hard Work” Down The Drain and You Didn’t Even Know it Was Coming!

Come and learn how to “KNOW” your business is getting stronger and is going according to plan AND how you can create the business and life you really want!

Location:   4330 W. 37th Avenue, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80212 

Time:           9:00am – 10:30am




Price: $25

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